Motion Control Solutions for

      New SPiiPlus ADK V3.00

      SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.00 features an updated MMI Application Studio with an enhanced look and feel, support for structures and user-defined ACSPL+ functions, ST...

      Introducing the Economical Control Module (ECM)

      2- or 4-axis motion controller with integrated drives up to 5/10A per axis and 12-48Vdc drive supply input is compact and ideal for small format, high-tech equi...

      Introducing the Intelligent Drive Module (IDM)

      2- or 4-axis DS402 EtherCAT drive with 5/10A per axis and 12-48 Vdc drive supply input leverages ACS' advanced servo control algorithms for better throughput an...

      SPiiPlus Motion Control Training

      Take your motion control knowledge to a higher level with courses taking place across the world throughout the year....
      Ask our Experts

      Since 1985 ACS Motion Control has developed and manufactured advanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules. Our main focus has been providing ease of use while maintaining the power and flexibility required by a broad range of machine automation applications. Our products are used in packaging, printing, robotics, linear stage control, semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printing industries.

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